Elton John planning to write for The Killers' next album
The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers recently said that the band will have new music out “at the end of 2016 maybe,” and Elton John has revealed that he might have something to do with the sound of that music. John says, "I'm hoping to go to Vegas and write with Brandon for the new Killers record… So that'll be interesting."...

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The Reason There's A Hole At The Top Of Every pen Lid
Ever wonder why there is a hole at the top of ever pen lid? I always assumed it was to stop it from suctioning on and sticking - but i was wrong. Ever chew on your pen lid, turns out the hole is just in case you swallow it, so it doesn't block your airway. From the Bic website: "In addition to help prevent the pen from leaking, all our BIC® caps comply with international safety standards that attempt to minimize the risk of children accidentally inhaling pen caps. Some of these vented...

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