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Roger Waters announces ‘Wall’ super-deluxe box sets, graffiti wall project
Roger Waters has announced a super-deluxe version of The Wall Live soundtrack and album. The $500 sets, which are autographed by Waters and are available via his website, include Three Blu-ray discs with the version of the film coming out on December 1st alongside a new documentary about the making of the tour, the soundtrack album pressed to four 180-gram red, white, clear and black LPs with a unique engraving and new score by Waters, as well as the commercially available two-CD version and...

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Ways Canadian/American Thanksgivings Are Different
We all love Thanksgiving with all the food and family time... but who has it better? Here is my completely unbiased list of ways Canadian and American Thanksgivings are different...   Canadians can have an extended food coma. We can eat and drink more on the Saturday or Sunday and then enjoy having Monday off. Canadians spend more time with their family, while many Americans spend Thanksgiving in line at big box stores waiting for Black Friday deals to begin Canadians can celebrate...

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